Tammy Baldwin's Extremism

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released "Extreme," a 30-second TV ad that highlights Wisconsin Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin's troubling foreign policy record. In a significant buy, the spot will air hundreds of times statewide over the next two weeks on cable and broadcast television, including during Green Bay Packers games.

Throughout her career in the House of Representatives, Baldwin has been nothing less than hostile to the U.S.-Israel alliance. She has accused Israel of war crimes, befriended anti-Israel groups, refused to sign bipartisan letters of support for Israel, and defended the libelous Goldstone Report.

ECI's executive director Noah Pollak said: "Over the past decade, Tammy Baldwin has established a foreign policy record of extremism. Yet now that she's running for Senate, she's attempting to obscure that record -- in fact, her campaign website doesn't even include a foreign policy section. Since she doesn't want to tell the voters where she stands, we will."

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