ECI statement on Hagel cloture vote

"The fight goes on. The Emergency Committee for Israel salutes the Senators who courageously voted today to prevent the rubber-stamping of Chuck Hagel as the next Secretary of Defense. Based on his record and his performance at his hearing before the Armed Services Committee, it's clear that Mr. Hagel is ill-suited to this position of high responsibility. The Emergency Committee for Israel intends to redouble its efforts to bring to light Mr. Hagel's complete record for Senators to consider. Even today new reports have emerged of further anti-Israel statements by Mr. Hagel, including the slander (in a 2007 speech at Rutgers University) that the State Department was acting as an "adjunct" of the Israeli foreign ministry. The Emergency Committee for Israel will continue to work to convince a majority of senators of the undeniable truth that we can do much, much better than Mr. Hagel."

- William Kristol, ECI chairman 


ECI's full-page ad in the New York Times


Chuck Hagel: "Not An Option"

With news reports suggesting former Senator Chuck Hagel may be nominated for the job of Secretary of Defense, today the Emergency Committee for Israel released "Not An Option," a 30-second TV ad that highlights Hagel's troubling record on Iran. 

The ad recounts Hagel's numerous votes against sanctions, his opposition to designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization, and his view that there is no "viable" military option for preventing a nuclear Iran -- in contrast to President Obama, who insists all options remain on the table.

The ad will air on cable this Thursday and Friday throughout the Washington DC area.


Tammy Baldwin's Extremism

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released "Extreme," a 30-second TV ad that highlights Wisconsin Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin's troubling foreign policy record. In a significant buy, the spot will air hundreds of times statewide over the next two weeks on cable and broadcast television, including during Green Bay Packers games.

Throughout her career in the House of Representatives, Baldwin has been nothing less than hostile to the U.S.-Israel alliance. She has accused Israel of war crimes, befriended anti-Israel groups, refused to sign bipartisan letters of support for Israel, and defended the libelous Goldstone Report.

ECI's executive director Noah Pollak said: "Over the past decade, Tammy Baldwin has established a foreign policy record of extremism. Yet now that she's running for Senate, she's attempting to obscure that record -- in fact, her campaign website doesn't even include a foreign policy section. Since she doesn't want to tell the voters where she stands, we will."


What's Wrong With Lois Capps?

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released "What's Wrong," a 30-second TV ad that highlights Rep. Lois Capps' troubling foreign policy record. The spot will air hundreds of times over the coming weeks on cable and broadcast television in Capps' district, which includes Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo counties.

Capps has been consistently hostile to the U.S.-Israel alliance. She has accused Israel of war crimes, befriended the radical Islamic group CAIR, refused to sign bipartisan letters of support for Israel, and supported the libelous Goldstone Report.

ECI's executive director Noah Pollak said: "If there is a member of Congress whose foreign policy record is more extreme than Lois Capps', I can't think of one. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated an inability to distinguish between America's friends and enemies and has repeatedly attacked America's closest ally in the Middle East -- Israel."


Whose Democratic Party?


Anti-Israel "Rabbis for Obama"

August 23rd, 2012

Today ECI released a letter to President Obama on the inclusion of numerous anti-Israel figures in his campaign's "Rabbis for Obama" group. The text of the letter is below. 

Dear Mr. President:

This week, your campaign launched a group called “Rabbis for Obama.” The "Rabbis for Obama," your campaign says, are "committed to re-electing" you due to your “policy agenda that represents the values of the overwhelming majority of the American Jewish community" and your “deep commitment to the security of the state of Israel.”

Though we have differed with you on many policy matters, we at the Emergency Committee for Israel have taken you at your word as to your basic commitment to Israel's security. Thus it was particularly shocking to see that your campaign had recruited, and was touting the support of, rabbis who have no commitment to Israel’s security, and whose values are representative of a small and extreme group of anti-Israel activists – and certainly not of the pro-Israel community.

"Rabbis for Obama" includes many leaders of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) Movement, a movement inimical to Israel's well-being. It includes founders of the pro-Hamas “Fast for Gaza” initiative. It even includes one person who was pleased to dine with Iranian President Ahmadinejad in 2008 and another who says the United States and Israel bring terrorism on themselves. Several members of “Rabbis for Obama” are officials of Jewish Voice for Peace, a radical group that the Anti-Defamation League featured in its list of the “Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups in America.”

Far from demonstrating a “deep commitment to the security of the state of Israel,” these figures have demonstrated a deep hostility to the state of Israel and a deep commitment to demonizing the Jewish state and undermining the U.S.-Israel alliance. We are sure that you will be distressed to discover that your own campaign has included so many of them on the list of “Rabbis for Obama.” We cannot imagine their endorsements are ones you welcome.

This is, as you have pointed out, a particularly perilous time for the people of Israel. We trust you do not want, however inadvertently, to signal in any way a lack of commitment to Israel's security or a lack of concern for Israel's well-being. So we look forward to your repudiation of the anti-Israel figures among the "Rabbis for Obama." And we respectfully suggest that you have an urgent and serious conversation with whoever in your campaign thought it appropriate to trumpet their support as a way of making your case to the pro-Israel community.


William Kristol



New TV ad: Next Year, President Romney in Jerusalem

What's the capital of Israel? President Obama once knew. In 2008 he declared that “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided.”

Today, he's not so sure. In fact, he won't even acknowledge the plain reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Mitt Romney has no such problem. On his recent trip abroad, he said: "It's a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel."

To highlight this contrast, today the Emergency Committee for Israel released a 30-second TV ad that will air hundreds of times in the coming days in Florida. The spot will appear during weekend Marlins games, on popular cable news shows and broadcast programs. 

ECI's chairman, William Kristol, said: 

"The contrast couldn't be clearer. Barack Obama is agnostic, at best, about whether Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Mitt Romney understands the meaning of Jerusalem, whole and free, the capital of Israel."


New TV ad: Where's President Obama?

Where's President Obama?

He's quite a world traveler. But not to Israel. An oversight? Or an indication? According to a front-page story in the Washington Post two weeks ago, Obama has pursued a strategy of putting “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel. He’s traveled to the Middle East multiple times — to accept an award in Saudi Arabia, to give a major speech in Cairo, to hold town hall meetings in Turkey — but never stopped to visit our closest ally in the region.

Today ECI released a 30-second TV ad called "Postcards" that highlights Obama's "daylight" strategy. In a significant buy, it will appear today and Monday on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News in Washington and New York, and through next week on broadcast and cable in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.


ECI Launches Ad in 23 Jewish Papers

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel published a full-page ad in 23 Jewish newspapers across America highlighting liberal criticism of President Obama’s Israel record. Relying on the words of prominent figures such as Abe Foxman and Martin Indyk, the ad details Obama’s deeply troubled relationship with the pro-Israel community over the last three years, and the mounting danger to Israel posed by an Iranian regime that is closer than ever to obtaining a nuclear weapon.

ECI’s executive director, Noah Pollak, said:

“President Obama has been trying to have it both ways — pursuing policies that weaken the U.S.-Israel alliance while boasting on the campaign trail that he is the most pro-Israel president since Truman. As the Obama campaign attempts to mislead about the president’s record, it is important that American Jews understand what many prominent liberals are now conceding — this president’s approach to Israel has been hostile, ineffective, and at odds with the promises he made in 2008.”



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