ECI To Host Reception Honoring PM Netanyahu During His U.S. Visit

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released the following statement on the refusal of the Obama administration to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu during his visit to the United States:

The Emergency Committee for Israel salutes Speaker Boehner for inviting the Prime Minister of Israel to address Congress. We and millions of Americans look forward to hearing from him on March 3, and we appreciate the Prime Minister taking time out of his re-election campaign to speak to the American people.

It's unfortunate that President Obama and Secretary Kerry are choosing not to meet with the Prime Minister. But we trust the Israeli people are aware that in snubbing their Prime Minister, President Obama does not represent the views of the great majority of Americans. In order to do our part to make the Israeli Prime Minister feel welcome in Washington, ECI will host a reception in the Prime Minister's honor to make clear, in case there's any doubt, that whatever the president does or says, Americans value our friendship with our ally Israel.


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Congress should remove President Obama's authority to waive Iran sanctions

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released the following statement on the latest failure of the Obama administration's Iran talks:

After relaxing sanctions and making ill-advised concessions on Iran's nuclear program, the Obama Administration has nonetheless been unable to close a deal. There's no point waiting seven months for either another failure or a truly terrible deal. Congress should act now to reimpose sanctions and re-establish U.S. red lines that will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability. To that end, such legislation must limit the president's authority to waive sanctions, an authority the president has already signaled a willingness to abuse in his desperate quest for a deal with the mullahs.

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ECI statement on the Hamas-Israel war

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released the following statement on the Obama administration's handling of the Israel-Hamas war:

President Obama and Secretary Kerry must do more than denounce Hamas's terrorist acts. Obama and Kerry must change course. They must stop pressuring Israel to stop fighting a just and necessary war. They must stop demanding Israeli concessions to Hamas. And they must start supporting an Israeli victory over terror that could free Gaza from Hamas and bring a real and lasting peace.



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ECI statement on President Obama's call for a cease-fire in Gaza

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released the following statement on the Obama administration's call for a cease-fire in Gaza and John Kerry's trip to the Middle East:

Israel does not need a mediator. Israel needs an ally. Pressuring Israel to agree to a cease-fire that rescues Hamas from defeat and leaves it in possession of its missiles, tunnels, and terror infrastructure is foolish and wrong. If President Obama and Secretary Kerry want to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East, they should support Israel and its campaign to end the terror threat from Gaza.

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ECI Statement: Time for Kerry to Go

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released the following statement on Secretary of State John Kerry's use of the term "apartheid state" to threaten Israel: 

On Friday, Secretary of State John Kerry raised the specter of Israel as an "apartheid state." Even Barack Obama condemned the use of this term when running for president in 2008.

Yet this was no gaffe. Secretary Kerry's musings on the Jewish state's dire future have become a regular feature of his public remarks. His latest prediction follows other statements in recent months that have in effect threatened Israel -- never the Palestinians -- with a list of disasters should his diplomatic efforts fail: violence, isolation, delegitimization, boycotts -- and now "apartheid."

It is no longer enough for the White House to clean up after the messes John Kerry has made. It is time for John Kerry to step down as Secretary of State, or for President Obama to fire him. And it would go a long way toward repairing the damage Kerry has done if his predecessor as Secretary of State, who is the likely Democratic Party nominee for president, explained why this kind of rhetoric had no place in her State Department and why it will have no place in her presidential campaign.

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ECI Statement on Stopping a Nuclear Iran

Statement by William Kristol, Chairman of the Emergency Committee for Israel, on the withdrawal of Democratic support for a vote on the Senate Iran sanctions bill:

We commend 42 Senators for their strong letter demanding a vote on S. 1881, the bipartisan Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act, which has been cosponsored by more than half of the Senate. The bill is simple and reasonable. It would reimpose existing sanctions suspended under the interim agreement if Iran cheats; it would ensure that a final agreement requires Iran to dismantle its illicit nuclear infrastructure; and it promises to impose additional economic sanctions in the future should Iran fail to agree to a final deal that dismantles its nuclear infrastructure. 

As the Senators put it in their letter to the Majority Leader, “Now we have come to a crossroads. Will the Senate allow Iran to keep its illicit nuclear infrastructure in place, rebuild its teetering economy and ultimately develop nuclear weapons at some point in the future?”

The answer to this question must be no. The Senate should act now to deliver that answer. It would be nice if there were universal bipartisan support for acting now to stop a nuclear Iran. But there apparently is not. And it would be terrible if history's judgment on the pro-Israel community was that it made a fetish of bipartisanship -- and got a nuclear Iran.

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Debbie's Double Talk

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released "Double Talk," a 30-second TV ad that will begin airing this weekend in Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's congressional district.

The ad highlights Wasserman Schultz's attempt to deceive her constituents by portraying herself as a staunch supporter of Iran sanctions -- even as news reports confirm she is working behind the scenes to kill bipartisan House and Senate measures that endorse new sanctions should talks with Iran fail.

The spot will air multiple times on cable news and Sunday political shows in South Florida over the next several days.

Emergency Committee for Israel executive director Noah Pollak said, "Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is trying to play her pro-Israel constituents for fools -- telling them she supports Iran sanctions while she's hard at work in Washington trying to kill bipartisan House and Senate measures for the most partisan of reasons."

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ECI Statement on the Implementation Agreement with Iran

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released the following statement on the announcement that the P5+1 had reached an agreement with Iran on implementing the November, 2013 Geneva Agreement: 

Who says President Obama isn't tough?

With today's announcement of an implementation agreement with Iran,
President Obama has shown a willingness to be tough in confronting the
pro-Israel majority in Congress, threatening to veto any legislation
that would punish Iranian deception or prevent the White House from
acquiescing to a bad deal with Iran.

With Iran, on the other hand, Obama is willing to accept an agreement
that weakens even the original bad deal he announced two months ago.
It is a deal that guarantees a permanent Iranian nuclear weapons
capability and grants a new concession by allowing Iran to continue
developing ever more advanced centrifuges during the talks. It is a
deal that, as Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister boasted today, rolls back
nothing and means Iran "can return to the previous situation within a

We urge Senator Reid to allow a vote on the Menendez-Kirk bill to
ensure that the interests of America and our allies are not
subordinated to the political interests of the Obama White House.

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ECI Statement on Senate Iran sanctions bill

A bipartisan group of Senators has introduced carefully considered legislation intended to prevent a nuclear Iran. The Obama administration immediately threatened to veto the legislation -- and falsely accuses its sponsors of engaging in a rush to war. In fact the White House has responded in far harsher terms to these members of Congress than it has to an Iranian regime which continues to enrich uranium, prevent monitoring of its nuclear program, and still refuses to implement the Geneva agreement negotiated last month. That is why members of Congress of both parties doubt Iranian claims of good faith -- and why they are supporting legislation that makes clear Congress has its own red lines for any deal, and that there will be real consequences if Iran refuses to dismantle its nuclear program.

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ECI Statement on the Geneva Agreement

Statement by Noah Pollak, Executive Director of the Emergency Committee for Israel, on the agreement with Iran just concluded in Geneva:

"The Geneva Agreement is a defeat for the United States and the West. It fails to uphold even the minimum demand of repeated U.N. Security Council resolutions that Iran must stop enriching uranium. For the next six months, the centrifuges will not be dismantled and will continue to spin, uranium will be enriched, the 20 percent enriched uranium will stay in Iran, and a reactor designed to produce bomb-ready plutonium will remain just months away from completion. Iran will continue its march to nuclear weapons, with perhaps a brief pause in some parts of the program -- but it will be a pause that refreshes, since Iran will be rewarded right away with significant sanctions relief, with the additional likelihood that the rest of the sanctions regime will begin to crumble.

"Congress should make clear that it does not support this deal. Congress should make clear that just because the Obama administration seems to have taken all our options off the table, our allies need not follow us down this futile path of accommodating the Iranian regime's nuclear ambitions. In particular, Congress should make clear the United States will support Israel if Israel decides she must act to prevent a regime dedicated to her destruction from acquiring the means to do so."

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