ECI Statement on Iran Framework Agreement

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released the following statement on the framework agreement for the proposed nuclear deal between the P5+1 and Iran:

The Emergency Committee for Israel expects that every member of Congress will do his duty and act to kill this proposed deal. The proposed deal is a litany of concessions to Iran, a terror-sponsoring regime committed to the destruction of Israel, to the death of Americans, and to the deception of the international community. The proposed deal would allow Iran to become a threshold nuclear weapons state and would grant its illicit nuclear weapons program international legitimacy. The proposed deal would leave Iran's nuclear weapons infrastructure in place; it would allow Iran to continue enriching while keeping all of its nuclear facilities open and running; it would provide full sanctions relief in exchange for inspections and limitations on enrichment that Iran could break at any time it chooses to do so.
No amount of Obama Administration spin can make this proposed deal a deal worth having or worth ratifying. This proposed deal is unacceptable. No friend of Israel can support it. If Congress does its job this proposed deal will soon be forgotten, another White House press release happily buried on the ash heap of history. 
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