Statement on Corker-Cardin Iran bill

Statement by William Kristol, Chairman of the Emergency Committee for Israel, on the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, known as the Corker-Cardin bill: 

The Emergency Committee for Israel supports efforts by several senators to strengthen the Corker-Cardin bill. That the legislation needs to be strengthened is clear from today's statements by Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, who has obviously been assured by Secretary Kerry that Iran need not worry about the Corker bill in its current form. But if Iran need not worry, then the Corker bill as currently drafted, and the process it envisions, is not only toothless but worthless.

The Emergency Committee for Israel also strongly objects to efforts by Senators Corker and Cardin to stifle debate and prevent votes on the various amendments that have been offered. Senators Corker and Cardin are engaged in various parliamentary maneuvers to prevent votes on important and germane amendments. What are they scared of? And what are the outside groups that support a no-amendments strategy trying to accomplish? Their efforts, if successful, would ensure passage of a bill that both President Obama and the Iranians are confident will have no effect in blocking a bad deal later.

But passage of a toothless bill is not assured – as is suggested the desperate efforts of its sponsors, the Administration, and the Iranian government to shut down criticism and debate. It's understandable that the Iranian government loathes debate and prefers the blocking of votes. It's unfortunate that the Obama Administration and the sponsors of this bill seem to agree.

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