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The time has come to mobilize all resources and fight back against this building wave of anti-semetic and anti-Zionistic hate. Too many so called “experts” are allowed to express clearly repugant views that no reasonable person either needs to listen to or should be listened to. The general public must be made aware of iran’s intentions both towards Israel and the rest of the free world. Now is not the time to be afraid of a small minority of Israel critics. It is my hope that word will spread encouraging increasing prayer and actions of goodwill towards the Jewish state and the Jewish people.
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Please let everyone in Congress know about the five ways Iran is violating the “interim agreement”, so all understand that Iran will violate a permanent agreement as well. 5 bullet points in the Joel Pollak article link below.

“There are at least five ways in which Iran has explicitly violated the interim agreement–a “bad deal” that has been extended twice but has failed to produce anything but more time for Iran” .Reason alone for “talks” to be ended and the stiffest possible sanctions imposed.

5 Ways Iran Is Cheating on the Interim Nuclear Deal
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The Emergency Committee for Israel released a statement and it said “It’s unfortunate that President Obama and Secretary Kerry are choosing not to meet with the Prime Minister. But we trust Israeli people are aware that in snubbing their Prime Minister, President Obama does not represent the views of the great majority of Americans….” Excuse me but was it not your Prime Minister and John Boehner who disregarded Diplomatic Protocol and snubbed President Obama? Please don’t be so sure about how the majority of Americans feel about Prime Minster Netanyahu coming here and trying to dictate our foreign policy. What your Prime Minister is doing disrespects our democracy, our elected officials, in particular our President. When you disrespect our President you disrespect “we the people”. Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it very clear that he has only contempt and disdain for our President, but that does not give him license to insert himself in our politics which he has made several attempts to do. He can hate the President as an individual, but he can not disrespect the Office of the President. Who sets foreign policy in Israel? In the United States the President who was elected by a democratic process sets our foreign policy. No United States Congressman should pledge allegiance to any foreign leader on American Soil.
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Please confirm if this is possible? We want your take on the J-Street Conference being held today in Washington D.C, we are looking to interview you 5pm-6pm Israeli time (10am-11am eastern standard time)
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Hi – how does one (can one) get an invite to the reception for Bibi?

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ok perfect !
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William Kristol and Gary Bauer,

I heard about you on the radio yesterday. I am glad you are a defender of Israel too! I recently produced a DVD entitled: GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO STEAL THE LAND OF ISRAEL. (If you are interested, I would be happy to send you a complimentary review copy from Cutting Edge Ministries.

So I thought you would like to receive a copy of my letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Navy Seal Jonathan Gilliam.


James Sundquist



Dear Jonathan (Gilliam),

I just heard much of your conversation on Islam today on Sean Hannity’s radio show, in which the man named Mikey Kay with the British accent disagreed with your definition of “Radical Islam”. I love Sean, but he, along with Mike are both wrong. Your single statement that is moderates are the radicals, but more critically ISIS is TRUE Islam, because it is precisely what Mohammad practiced. You statement was pure gold, and probably the single most important statement in the entire conversation. And until and unless America wakes up to that fact, they are doomed! Unfortunately, Sean and Mikey are tone-deaf to the true blueprint of Islam according to the Koran and Haddiths. In fact, Mikey, being British should know better. I still have the Encyclopedia Britannica from when I was a youth in the 50s, it correctly defines Islam as MUHAMMADISM. Ask Mikey what John Wesley said about this religion. Ask Mikey what eschatology of Islam requires for the end times not according to opinion or even majority of Muslims, but according to the authority of their own Scriptures? As Scripture (The Bible) states: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Most Americans and most Christians think Islam is a religion of Peace, it is only radical Muslims are either not a religion at all (as Obama claims) or the ones who are a religion of peace, as Rick Warren includes these so-called Peaceful Muslims, in his Global Peace Plan. The fact is all Muslims are a religion of the Koran, which commands its followers to do precisely what ISIS is doing. Thank God Americans and the Evangelical Church in America, and Christians like my father who was a WWII Veteran who fought in North Africa, did not think it was only radical Nazis and extremist Shintos who weren’t a religion of peace, but most of Nazis and Shintos were a religion of peace. Unless America stops using prisons and mosques as ISLAM training boot camps, a cancer of treason, we are doomed.

I am a Christian but believe what you stated. If you are interested, I will send you my chart and video comparing Islamic Jesus to Biblical Jesus, as it describes the true eschatology of the Last Days.

As a fellow Veteran (Vulcan Missile Maintenance, West Germany, 70-71, I thank you for your service and being a brave soldier with highly tempered steel for a backbone!

Kindest regards,

James Sundquist


“Ever since the religion of Islam appeared in the world, the espousers of it…have been as wolves and tigers to all other nations, rending and tearing all that fell into their merciless paws, and grinding them with their iron teeth; that numberless cities are raised from the foundation, and only their name remaining; that many countries, which were once as the garden of God, are now a desolate wilderness; and that so many once numerous and powerful nations are vanished from the earth! Such was, and is at this day, the rage, the fury, the revenge, of these destroyers of human kind.”

Doctrine of Original Sin, Works (1841), ix. 205.

Dear Honorable Prime Minister Netanyahu,

In light of the great war you are engaged in against the Prince of Darkness, I invite you to consider my film documentary supporting Israel, based on the authority of Scripture and the eschatology the gives Israel the ultimate triumph over Islam, FOREVER! I agree with Sean Hannity!

This appeal is because I am a Christian, and am compelled to defend Israel and her land Promised to her. If any land is “occupied” it is the EAST BANK of the Jordan, as that land belonged to three of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and will belong to Israel according to Prophecy (as documented in my film documentary below).

I heard about the article about Israel not existing in ten years, as it was featured recently on Michael Savage’s national radio show.

I believe Israel will exist in 10 years, even were America to vaporize. Proof:



It was recently released and is now available at:

The Christ said that attributing works of the Holy Spirit to Satan is defined as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and is an unforgivable sin, therefore eternally damned. Islam teaches that the nation of Israel is the “little Satan”, therefore they are guilty of this very warning. But Islam also blasphemes the Holy Spirit by claiming Christ was referring to Mohammad who would be sent as the Comforter, when he meant it would be the Person of the Holy Spirit that Christ would send. Secondly, Islam is a religion of the Antichrist, by the Apostle John’s definition because the don’t believe God can have a Son, which would also deny the Father. So Islam is doubly doomed (or as Craig Winn called Mohammad, in his book Prophet of Doom), and twice dead. Rick Warren believes that his Global Peace Plan can include Muslims. Islam’s Global Peace Plan in its final form will be only one nation for the entire earth without Christians or Jews and NO land or nation of Israel. But Christ’s Global Peace Plan will contain no Muslims and no Muslim Nations, for he, as the Captain of the Hosts will lead the armies of Heaven to bring the wrath of the Lamb judgement upon those nations surrounding Israel, making war before he reigns in Jerusalem and the Prince of Peace brings His Peace to the earth.

What it all boils down to is that this issue is ISLAM’S ESCHATOLOGY vs. BIBLICAL ESCHATOLOGY

Both religions claim that in the End Times that their religion will dominate the entire earth and obliterate the other’s religion(s). That is correct, the difference is Islam demands it in this Present Age by whatever means necessary, as is going on in Iraq. It is a kingdom now theocracy. Christianity is a Kingdom Come Theocracy, but only after Christ returns. Christianity commands Scripturally to only be witnesses to carry out the Great Commission by the Word of God. Both religions will ultimately entail billions being killed. Islam’s redemption and salvation is by their own shed blood and shedding the blood of all that oppose it. Christianity’s redemption and salvation is ONLY by Christ’s shed blood. BOTH religions teach violence on global scale. But Islam’s violence is for this Present Age. Christianity does not teach violence to bring about conversion. However, Christianity will become violent when Christ returns. In fact, Christ’s violence will make Islam’s entire history of violence pale in comparison, when he, as Captain of the Hosts returns leading the armies of Heaven to the earth, as described in Chapter 21 of the Book of Revelation. At the Name of Jesus, not Allah or Mohammad, EVERY knee will bow!

“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;” Philippians 2:10

Christ, the Jew, born in Bethlehem, is the Prince of Peace, but it is not peace as the world knows. But when Christ returns he will be the God of War, and will make war before he makes Peace on Earth in his Kingdom Come, where he will reign from Jerusalem.

I hope and pray this letter both encourages you and emboldens you, as God has raised you up to lead and defend Israel, at this very hour!


James Sundquist

cc Sean Hannity
commented 2014-08-04 15:03:54 -0400
Hi, I’m an editor at Room for Debate, the online opinion forum of The New York Times. I’d like to ask Noah Pollak to write a short piece for us. Thanks.
commented 2014-07-22 14:04:53 -0400

Rally For Israel

To Destroy Hamas

SUNDAY AUGUST 10 , 2014 2:00 P.M.


Contact: Bob Kunst (305)864-5110

President of Shalom International




Dear Bob,

As I participate in organizing Chicago rally (July 22), I’m sending out my e-mails with the announcement along with my foreword: There were 1,000 quite understandable everyday reasons and high philosophical excuses why the Jews of Europe and America 75 years ago ignored the beginning of their own murder.

Today there are 1,000 of the same reasons why we can not come to this demonstration on Tuesday. Well, you … your friends?

If you like it, use it.

Yekhil Brodsky, Chicago
As Doug and I were driving North to our Rally in Boca Raton, Shalom International and I were on WIOD Radio, 11:00AM, with an important and positive statement to go after Hamas.>
> We got to the entrance of FAU about 12:30P.M. to help set up the banners etc. for the rally.
> It was very hot, but not as hot as the IDF in Gaza and being told that 13 had lost their lives by an older gentleman joining our protest. He was surprised that so few were here for this event. He stated at there were hundreds at a Shul rally and also with the Federation. We had informed 500 about this effort and they chose not to respond.
> Our approach is different. We are visible in the streets and getting feedback from those driving by, while also getting media attention and also allowing any opposition to also confront us, though Boca Raton police were well informed of our efforts and watching us as we have with all of our rallies.
> Our banner said: ‘SUPPORT ISRAEL TO DESTROY HAMAS’. This was facing drivers going West on Glades Rd.. We also put up a banner that said: ‘FIGHT TERRORISM-SUPPORT ISRAEL’, that was facing East. We were at the 10th Ave. Entrance to FAU.
> From both directions we got very many horns beeping support for us, numbering 7, willing to speak out and show up and stand for this effort to ‘Destroy Hamas’.
> One car stopped to give us $20. Two other cars stopped to give us their names, numbers and e-mails to continue this effort.
> We had Ch. 5 and 12, WLRN Radio and the Jewish Journal also come to cover us.
> While our rally at 1P.M. was so positive in what we accomplished, there was also a rally on Miami Beach with hundreds in support of Israel which also got lots of media attention.
> While that rally was only 30 blocks from where we live on Miami Beach, we instead schlepped to Boca Raton to raise the level of commitment and conscience there and be visible to a wider audience.
> Both outdoor efforts were successful. Both efforts covered different aspects of this crisis we are in. Both efforts got media attention and the grassroots involved and showed visibility in S. Fla..
> This was Shalom International’s 4th rally since Israel decided to go after Hamas. We have two more this week. One at the Fed. Bldg., in Ft. Laud., Fla. 3rd Ave. and Broward Blvd. at 5 P.M. on Tuesday and then next Sunday, in Melbourne, Fla. at 192 and Babcock St. at 2P.M.. We have also done 11 media interviews to build support.
> Since Oct. 2007, we have now done 676 rallies/events and 2026 media.
> All who showed up in Boca were over 60 and the heat was definitely an issue, but what was a major and important event to be a part of, was how much vehicle support we got for wanting to ‘destroy Hamas’ and showing no fear in making this statement, which has been consistent in all of our rallies. Jews still in fear is an issue needing to be overcome.
> We reminded everyone that: “From Hitler to Hamas the Holocaust Continues”…..“Did We Learn Anything From 1938?”…..“Remember The Holocaust”….“No More Nazism” which were also our signs we held up for this event.
> Knowing how many people are with us is vital and encouraging and everyone should experience and not take for granted, nor take our efforts for granted either, too often the mentality within the community itself, instead of putting their energies into helping and being visible with us and paying expenses for all that we do. So many excuses, so little time in this very dangerous situation.
> We have been critical of Bibi in being too passive while appeasing our enemies, but he is now committed to stopping Hamas and hopefully won’t bend to world pressure to let Hamas off the hook. We are with BIBI and IDF to finish the job once and fall all.
> When Israel took out 10,000 Jews from Gush Katif and turned over Gaza to Hamas, that mistake cost many lives and 20,000 missiles since 2007 and 2000 missiles in the last two weeks of this fighting. We must stop Hamas once and for all.
> We love Israel and are committed to its survival and that of the Jewish people. Since 1989, Shalom International has now done 827 rallies and events and 3500+ media in exposing and resisting the Nazis, be they German or Arab, etc., all aligned to ‘kill all Jews’. We have been to 31 ‘death camps’ and rallied at the White House 22 times among so many vital efforts no one else was willing to do and we did…. as the most visible and least funded success story for the Jewish people.
> Please take the time and donate to: Defend Jerusalem, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140 and let your networks know of our positive efforts.
> Invite us to talk to your groups about our successes and the need to resist and fight back, another issue needing to be addressed and what to do about it.
> Yours in Shalom,
> Bob Kunst
> Pres., Shalom International
> 305-864-5110

Rally will raise funds, support Israel





Demonstrators call for the “destruction” of Hamas during a protest in front of the U.S. Federal Building and Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale. (Photo/David A. Schwartz / July 14 , 2014)
By David A. Schwartz, Staff Writer
3:09 p.m. EDT , July 14, 2014
As Hamas and other terrorist groups fired rockets from Gaza into Israel, the Jewish Federation of Broward County last week joined the Jewish Federations of North America campaign to raise funds to support “Israel under fire.”
Eric Stillman, Broward Federation president and CEO, said the agency will ask for donations to the Israel Emergency Campaign during a 7:30 p.m. July 21 program at the David Posnack Jewish Community Center, 5850 S. Pine Island Road, Davie. Call the Federation at 954-252-6900.
Chaim Shacham, consul general of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico, will give an update on the situation. Two teenagers from Nesher, the Broward Federation’s partner city, will also speak. The teens are the same age as two of the three Israeli boys who were kidnapped while hitchhiking in Israel and later murdered, Stillman said.
Rabbi Edward Davis, of Young Israel of Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale, will speak during the event. Other participants will include Cantor Mark Goldman of Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El in Plantation; Pastor John Woodin of the Hollywood Faith Christian Center (representing the South Florida Pastors Network); Sammy Schulman, Federation board chair; and Stillman.
Donations will go to the Jewish Federations of North America, Stillman said. The umbrella agency for Jewish Federations in the United States and Canada will send the funds to the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).
Funds will be used to move children in Israel out of harm’s way; provide trauma counseling, financial assistance and portable bomb shelters; aid families in Sderot; and help elderly residents, new immigrants and others who are vulnerable and living under the rocket fire, according to the Broward Federation web site.
In response to the hundreds of rockets that reached cities all over the country, the Israeli military launched Operation Protective Edge, striking terrorist targets inside Gaza from the air. By Sunday, Israel had massed tanks and soldiers at the borders with Gaza for a possible ground invasion.
The events in Israel and Gaza follow the murders of Gilad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel, both 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19, who were hitchhiking near Gush Etzion, a Jewish settlement bloc in the West Bank, on June 12 when they were kidnapped. Their bodies were found on June 30. Two Hamas operatives and a third man are thought to be behind the killings.
The murders led to the “revenge” killing of a Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir.
In Miami and Fort Lauderdale last week, protesters called for the “destruction” of Hamas. “We have to destroy the enemy,” organizer Bob Kunst of Miami Beach said as he and several other demonstrators held signs in front of the U.S. Federal Building and Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale.
“We’ve reached the end of the line. You can’t make peace with someone who wants to kill you,” Kunst said.
“We have to protect and support Israel,” protester Ann Mantell, of Coconut Creek, said.
Mantell said mourners must say kaddish for the slain Israeli boys. “What can you do,” she said. “You pray for their souls and their parents.”
In somber services days after the murders, Jews in Broward County did just that.
“Tonight we remember the three wonderful boys whose lives were taken tragically. We offer our support to their families,” Rabbi Andrew Jacobs of Ramat Shalom Synagogue in Plantation said during a July 1 service. Jacobs lit memorial candles for each boy.
“I felt it was just so important to do something immediately,” he said later.
During a July 4 Friday night service at Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El, Rabbi Sheldon Harr, founding rabbi emeritus, prayed for the souls of the slain boys and for their parents to find comfort.
Brauser Maimonides Academy in Fort Lauderdale on July 2 hosted an evening of learning and prayer.
The program was for the community, “to give them an appropriate outlet to grieve together,” Rabbi Yossi Kastin, head of school, said. “We believe that we can elevate [the boys’] souls by learning together and praying together.”
David Halberstam of Hollywood, whose first cousin is Naftali Frenkel’s mother, said last week: “Naftali in many ways will go right to heaven because he brought people together. You hope that time will heal.”
Copyright © 2014, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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commented 2014-07-21 14:56:09 -0400
Good Afternoon,

I wanted to reach out to see why your group believes that support for Israel is so strong on Capitol Hill. Has your group been pleased with Obama’s reaction to the situation in Israel?


Lauren Fox

Congressional Reporter U.S. News and World Report
commented 2014-06-11 09:35:30 -0400
Hi. I read that you are denouncing Hillary. I found this piece of information for you, where she apparently shouted “you Jew bastard” at someone on her staff:
commented 2014-06-09 12:22:51 -0400
That “Why Not Hillary Clinton?” ad is poorly worded and confusing. Every time it says, “…but not Hillary,” I thought it was saying, “…but they didn’t criticize Hillary.” So it sounds like it’s critical of Kerry, but not of Hillary, and could be construed as supporting Hillary. You need to redo it, and change the wording to “… but Hillary Clinton didn’t.”
commented 2014-04-25 19:21:20 -0400
Why is Israel supporting a candidate who clearly worked for bigoted and ignorant politicians to replace an incumbent with whom I disagree but certainly has some common sense regarding the need for compromise in our system of checks and balances? Our democracy is non-existent in a system where we can buy public office! Shame on you and the Supreme court!
commented 2014-04-10 22:05:16 -0400
Walter B Jones is a TRUE patriot . Israel can take care of Israel, its not America’s problem. Stop trying to push your agendas down our throats.

We are not the worlds police. Stop speading lies.
commented 2014-02-07 12:17:50 -0500
commented 2013-12-28 09:35:06 -0500
Thank you for all that you do to preserve American national security and to support our special relationship with the State of Israel, our most important ally in the Middle East.
commented 2013-11-16 18:23:35 -0500
I wrote for for seven years and I currently edit….And how ’bout this for a TV ad?

“When a rogue nation of barbaric psychos vow to destroy israel and the United States and western civilization in general……you don’t wait till one week before they have the means to do so. Let’s stop Iran……..TODAY.
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tlv1 radio interview today, Please confirm if this is possible? We want your take on the J-Street Conference being held today in Washington D.C, we are looking to interview you 5pm-6pm Israeli time (10am-11am eastern standard time)
commented 2013-08-23 23:56:18 -0400
1. Why would Syria’s Assad invite United Nations chemical weapons inspectors to Syria, then launch a chemical weapons attack against women and children on the very day they arrive, just miles from where they are staying?

2. If Assad were going to use chemical weapons, wouldn’t he use them against the hired mercenary army trying to oust him? What does he gain attacking women and children? Nothing! The gain is all on the side of the US Government desperate to get the war agenda going again.

As I type these words, US trained and equipped forces are already across the border into Syria, and US naval forces are sailing into position to launch a massive cruise missile attack into Syria that will surely kill more Syrians than were claimed to have died in the chemical attack.

Obviously, we cannot stop this madness. The US Government is listening to Wall Street and Israel and cares not what the American people think.

But what We The People can do, must do, is send a message to the world that we do not believe the war-starting lies by the US Government. We know this is a repeat of the same lies we were told about Saddam’s nuclear weapons.

The US Government and the Jews are lying, and people are dying.

Keep supporting America and the Jews and see where it leaves your children!!!
commented 2013-02-20 06:20:46 -0500
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The whole world is the head of Jewish gypsy X are those of dóalr, the ROSE, these are ashkeNAZI Jews, this source, known as Khazar, garbage, living in a crazy theological ideas, all vakle, provided justify their crimes, they are the NAZI. I am a parent of a teenage daughter, separated from his mother, always liked the strike and girls too, so I think they try to avenge. Of these most are carriers chromosona Aaron, and it’s no joke, it’s a clean sweep of fagots, almost toddos are gay, and I did a lot of joke, because they invented that I am gay, and to collect my inheritance, I open a Jewish virgin, of course, on the other hand I said, once you open it, you can kill without sin, for desecrating our wives and daughters, are a fucking cult. They use the two political camps, the right of the cocaine, and the queers left socialists, without lying politics is like a big show of DRONS, came to criticize me for kidnap some of these idiots, but there is another way to say it is more than possible that, to give just one example in the UK, that will premier David Cameron ROSE Polish origin, and also Boris Johnson, among many others, and most terible is the infuence of drugs, moves everything, even lka UNESCO and UN, working alone, I swear, for the drug. In year 2009, some ready, I used a cover, and stole about 450 billion drug, Santander Bank, the CIA and their drug cartel MAX, pentagon, recovered about 100 billion, but accuse me of rest, and together with UNESCO invented plan helps children in Africa, steals my heritage, is sold to China to half price, and money disappears, so I lost Acceptés No money in exchange for giving me back, much as the red, or try to insist the drug, the human right, is the basis of society, no more corruption among judicial, not more police working for cocaine, general but not sold as whores, for a few home, work, car, and when I Spain, after three years, I was put in jail for protesting against drug cartel PP MAX saves in Manchester I am sleeping in airport with no money to eat, nui work because it only matters what anyone says drug and muevn right and the political left, ask for help, work, whatever and wherever, they make a nuclear bomb with deuterium thermal helium in a tube, under great pressure, is like Bikini, will make machines that compress air, drinking water and draw, change physics forever helps to justice, No accept money in exchange for giving me back, much as the red, or try to insist the drug, the human right, is the basis of society, no more corruption among judicial, not more police working for cocaine, general but not sold as whores, for a few dollars. -—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Government control Incident and Answer Link: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)s

( ANSWERS to say that are like that, if we know the chip implanted if I fuck you, it’s legal, is part of Government control, and nothing can be done, logically not give any theory, the same implant it to receive and to send electromagnetic waves, and if you put this shit in human head, we are like animals by remote control, you can hear the thoughts, you can send commands to celebrate human, and everything is legal, according Government control, but where the hell puts it, I read all criminal codes, and constituccion, and says nothing to respect, and this is only the tip of the iceberg, because I introduced about 30 nano implants, to a bypass of heart, by the way of a shot, also with remote control, I can kill only with radio signals, and everything is Government control, or as some of the TSA and CIA + EDF, call it a joke , help, by god, if there is, of course, may god also to Government Control Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. Some tags require no battery and are powered and read at short ranges via magnetic fields electromagnetic induction.In 1945 Léon Theremin invented an espionage tool for the Soviet Union which retransmitted incident radio waves with audio information. Sound waves vibrated a diaphragm which slightly altered the shape of the resonator, which modulated the reflected radio frequency.RFID tags for animals represent one of the oldest uses of RFID technology. Originally meant for large ranches and rough terrain, since the outbreak of mad-cow disease, RFID has become crucial in animal identification management. An implantable RFID tag or transponder can also be used for animal identification. The transponders are more well-known as passive RFID technology, or “chips” on animals .The use of RFID technology has engendered considerable controversy and even product boycotts by consumer privacy advocates. Consumer privacy experts Katherine Albrecht and LizMcIntyre are two prominent critics of the “spychip” technology. ============================= [Incident: 130109-000180]

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Rather, it is the first time DOD deign to answer me, since previously only

to occasional military base, or laboratory, but was never specifically

[link removed] either , am I supposed to understand that it is mea culpa by

DOD, but every day there’s more, is NY, NY large mixing the MAX Austin

Chicago Republican Party or conservative in Europe, with the left-wing,

socialist, or simple poster called Cuba, Florida, Venezuela, Bolivia, are

roughly 200 000 and 200 000, the rest, about 50 billion was poor,

Columbians, English, French, Italian, Polish, and Vietnamese, clearly speak

of money disappeared in the spring of 2009 Banco Santander of Madrid, about

450 billion in cash, gold, and U.S. debt, if they want more information, I

invite you to contact me to start another, alaga me, I gives the

illusion of security, DOD without Max, or is the illusion?


Do: “DoD Public Communication”

much time the whole story has aspects of surrealist cinema, while to invent electric wings of aircraft, is the question of pressure and air boundary layers, the SP-UFO pilots, the CODE FLYING BB / 88/17 / 81, are the most in U.S. demand, they control all intelligence agencies, just check how AF personnel working in espionage, this is the old SQUL band, this band is my Beoning Defense Department, this band the likes Reynhard invention Douglas, or Prince of black water, and we all know it’s fake brother Cezary, well, my inventions resulted electrified rubber pieces, besides me who realized that in Beoning Ryanair, the air does not blow either on the wing next to the fuselage, my pilots a UFO flaps Beoning manufactured in electrical, electro magnetic field, on my return to Poland for two days, they used, also the turbines Pratt Whitney, my factory also, incidentally were modified, saves a great spin, rotate very high without pompage, sound better, give more power to less consumption, a wonderful, we just need to make civil and proceduras certificates, so I order my Beoning is used by the DARPA to give priority to the Hornet, is biznes, my biz, low-cost, less than Dollars, then to other AF, desmascaro them for life, as are crazy, sure that nobody can touch them, they are in danger , and many pilot friends, UFO syndrome, only prison for spies, drug dealers, only eggs, as an example, as public punishment I would change the Poles their symbols SP, which can only use the UFO in future, by the way, are mental Oops, search who has enrolled his plane SP-UFO the Beoning full load of passengers, I guess with fuel just for crossing 3000 km in liftoff use 20 or 30% less runway, stunning, also took off with 80% power, only to climb to cruising level, as a joke with me, gave full gas, full rise, as the military jet, is future returning to the turbine, Trent has problems saving the blades craft, but so does everyone, many revolucciones rotation, I would try to support the blades, adding a huge wheel, right on the tips of the blades, this wheel could run in a bearing of ceramic composites, and would like a pump.The engine as life insurance, if we add electric motors, just in diameter, when landing, the engines are low revolucciones when needed bost, no with electric motors is instantano, and the blades are stronger, has two points of poise, plus better way to adjustable vanes, could vary their angle of attack, just three blades large, mechanized, is best solution working, aerodynamics, physical, fuel savings,returning to the turbine saves by Trent also has problems depreguntar because no fan behind hollow wind tunnel, tube, and exhaust primary turbine, the fuel, must be within tunnel, this allows the post combustion of compressed air the longest Tober, a combustion chamber engine just behind tober, and should do more density, us effect Bertuli, aving holes just before combustion chamber, simple, turbines also burn cycles, never continuously, these cycles range from 20 to 30 Hz, if we calculate the wave frequency that emerges from a fan, you know that frequency giving the primary turbine, the fuel, to do the explosion of a round, but you can activate the gas is compressed, hot, and can activate the oxygen atoms, to climb to orbit, to the valence, etc., also put in the turbine inlet, a grating , cutter, for birds, as a cone, drivers will flow, this indicates that will make the mixture more dense, is question of design, and I remember the question of attorney, no attorney, no difference in Girona, Madrid , London and NY and DC, please, justice, guns, and more justice, As you know I wear the Hello, I get many link TECH, know that I like physics, well, Germans make a Uboaat of sigiente generation, will move like a fish, with a rear wing, moving pulse creates waves, very economical, for fin move using electro magnets, positive, negative, continuous pulse generating electricity alone, use capacitors to compensate, you could also use electro magnetic pumps to push the water, using water as the electrolyte, active atoms, and pump driven by magnetic-elect, a wonder, on the other hand, try to make a ball, a hemisfero, Ferodo, punch him, placed inside a hollow sphere of copper, on the surface, we half-round holes, with a central bore , to cut the ball in small holes placed the LEDs to turn on the rest of the half-round, put another ball, zink, or lithium, etc. to pick up a lot of negative electrons in surface, using the rule of areas, the ball will only positron cor, well, inside had a coolant tube with liquid nitrogen cooled, we put out a cooling coil, can it work? how nice thinks presuavisar use the reactor with magic stone, remember that with pressure, the electrons are more quiet, will not to break the glass, provides energy for LEDs, or microwave, but oriented towards COR, is like a pump as before, but civil, energy, CO2 gas used, or not? To not activate this too? Only free electonos become loose, looking pressure? is related, and seeks spectrum of stone which frequency you like, is for the orbits which have free electono, the positron are not, remember you of Anion and Kation road But as we invented yesterday, POSITRONEX call to have the thing then is kul, we do know that the ball, the area in hot forged with your drill, and hollow cor, if we can make electric forging even in the electromagnetic field, we must put a negative charge in the hollow of cor, and hot stamping part, the oven, so we will have spin up, ready valence orbit, on the surface of positively charged sphere we use for metallurgical process creates a kind of track between the crystals unite, but the magic is in making predetermined routes, seek free electrons on the surface of a sphere, haciedo flowers in areas of small balls als, default energetic balance, positrons bombard nuclei, why are picked positive charges, and the difference of a few Hz and other charges flowed wave of electricity, load up with more gas pressure, presuavisar, and if any question as Nobel electrical energy flowed very you must say it’s serious energy Positronic as you know, there are no stable isotopes, if we know its molecular structure, we know the disintegration time, Herz know, is easier to search in this way, I want some math, with fixed values ​​for each linia periodic table, is that I think there An energy balance, which makes each linia has the same number of orbits, I would look thus Cobalt has many positrons in the second orbit, if melted into glass but crystal simple, hexagonal, cubic, less resistance, and climb a electrono the valence protonos difference was brutal, investigates Gigawatts Main article: Isotopes of cobalt

59Co is the only stable cobalt isotope and the only isotope to exist in nature. Radioisotopes 22 Have Been Characterized With The MOST stable being 60Co with a half-life of 5.2714 years, 57 Co with a half-life of 271.79 days, 56Co with a half-life of 77.27 days, and 58Co with a half-life of 70.86 days . and job for US team.. Russian Rotary Vane Engine – YouTube

► 3:19► 3:19

20 дек. 2010 г. – Добавлено пользователем tupolev12

Rotary Vane Engine proposed to power Russian hybrid car ‘ё мобиль’ (Yo Mobile). This turbine is a small part of me, I found it, Polish invention, I improve in rotor, not to shock, ahorrra spins very high, and well, it lacks turbo, exhaust gases used, but in another reactor, to burn well, it would be nice on the same axis, I like facts force rotors as Archimedes screw, conical injection using German, bosch, etc, working in oil and kseroseno, this pizza is Russian Jewish, technicians, even fagots, are only technical, fucking millionaires are nothing, look at Germany, VW, or Daimler, sold in hybrid, and search with Rotax, is good turbine can be improved, with prop, but as alternatica Vankel, very good,
commented 2013-02-15 16:36:30 -0500
commented 2013-02-03 17:33:33 -0500
We’re all over you like a Euro-Bagel on Zionist cream cheese! This is America, NOT Israel!
commented 2013-02-01 14:17:00 -0500

Take your bribed congressmen and senators with you as well. We AMERICANS don’t need them here AT ALL!!! Take them to your Israel and take all the weapons with you and bomb yourselves into H3LL where you all belong.

America FIRST. NOT ISRAEL. That is what our politicians are SUPPOSED to do or are they forgetting that while ILLEGAL ISRAELI BRIBE MONEY pays for their vacations, homes, and parties.

Why on earth does Israel constantly play a 99% role in the election of any politician? Clearly the JEWISH ZIONIST CRIMINAL LOBBY in Washington calls the shots. Why else would insane people keep sending BILLIONS of dollars and BILLIONS in weapons to a NON-ALLY while our people are living out on the streets and watched their economy destroyed right before their eyes.

Every American I talk to on the street is waking up to this and congress better take heed before they cause the next civil war. Americans are going to be might angry and many of them are at the harassment of Chuck Hagel – AN AMERICAN PATRIOT , not a zionist tools like Israelis firster Mccain or Israeli cheerleader Graham who assumes the position at the whims of the Israeli Lobby.

GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY YOU PARASITES. The American people will come to hate Israel as much as the rest of the world does pretty soon based on your actions in our government.

I used to be very pro-Israel until I started to see what these parasitic slimy cockroaches have done to our government and how they are responsible for almost all our recent wars with the Middle East.
commented 2013-02-01 10:20:19 -0500
Chuck Hagel is going to help the USA get back to USA interests first….not Israel! Israel needs to stop playing the little victim role and just admit they are the criminals they really are.
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