David Wavey

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Is Israel going to allow inspection of its nuclear program? Join the Convention on CW? Israel is an exception — the most dismal outlier among nations.

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Zac Roberts — I do appreciate the openness of this site to contrary views and commend it and its sponsors accordingly.

Unfortunately, your qualified defense of Israel as a morality-seeking entity in contrast to those who would “bring her down” is very amiss indeed. The moment that Zionism permitted settlements in the OT any remnant claim of morality in Zionism, were there any at all, was cast aside and the ugly truth revealed almost in retrospect. The search lights placed in the West Bank as defensive bases cast their light actually backwards across the saga of Israel and Zionism and made it clear at last that Zionism was Jewishness unfettered from any pretense of liberalism and universality, that is, it is after all rank racism with the clear intent to destroy another people, their culture, land and history, and their persons, simply because they are not Jewish and stand in the way of the expansion of Jewish power. Having take this fateful step with the support of the Jewish Americans, the bare bones of Jewish “exclusivity” and “chosen-ness” was revealed without equivocation, And the corollary of this self-selection is the evident fact that Jews detest and loath gentiles, period.

Support now for Israel’s racist destructive program is roughly equivalent to German-American support for the early Nazi regime, at least. While it was not traitorous for the American Bund to support Hitler, it was certainly very bad judgement and reprehensible at the time and in retrospect. So your “Emergency Committee” is simply a tool for expanding Jewish racism and destroying Palestinian life completely and this, despite the fact that, having conquered the WB and Gaza, Israel might have become the great benefactor of a Palestinian state and integrated into the ME at last with an end to violence. Instead, Zionism (You Guys) went with the ugly core belief in Jewish supremacy and uniqueness. It follows that Jewish supremacy will either succeed worldwide (imagine National Socialism worldwide) or it will fail through its own corruption and friendlessness anywhere. I think the latter is plainly the future, but do go on with your “Emergency” thinking and let’s see.

The only emergency I see is the one facing American Jews: How will we ever retain our identities when Zionism betrays every last hope of peaceful assimilation and co-existence as Jews in democratic countries of the “West,” Organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace already seem self-contradictory: How can you be Jewish and “for peace” when Israel and Zionism have elected otherwise? It doesn’t compute.